Our Vision To reduce the fashion industry’s environmental footprint and to end unjust labor practices by normalizing responsible fashion. Mission Sol Inspirations is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that advocates for responsible clothing, styling and beauty products and educates consumers about how these products make our world a healthier and better place to live. Our Philosophy […]

Get Certified!


Designers, We currently certify apparel garments as ‘Responsibly Made’ if your garment is handmade and made from post consumer materials and/or certified organic and Fair Trade textiles. Certified garments are tagged with a Sol Inspirations label (pictured right) that you will receive at the retailer after being inspected by Sol Inspirations staff. To certify* your […]



Sol Inspirations is a center for the fashion community to express ideas through partnership and business responsibility. We encourage designers, businesses and schools to connect with us about your ideas on how to make responsible fashion available to consumers.