5 Must Reads for Eco Style Mavens

5 eco reads

As ladies and gents already majorly conscious about what we eat, where it comes from and what it means for our bodies and the environment, we are ALL about the local food movement. Farm to Table trends are popping up all over the Twin Cities– promoting the value of organic eats and more conscious consumption. And when the summer months come ‘round again, bring on the roof top gardens and local brews!

Now the movement shifts– again — to knowing what we put on our bodies is now just as impactful as what we are putting in it. So, for all you foodies and eco-aware shoppers out there, here are a few of our favorite reads to up your knowledge and savor the very best in the eco-fashion world.

wear no evil

Wear No Evil

In the beginning stages of exploring ethical fashion, I found myself completely astonished by all of the aspects of being socially responsible and after many puzzling nights on the internet. I was outright ready to give up. How could I possibly do it all? Purchase only organic cottons…made only in the USA …certified Fair Trade…without toxic chemicals…no leather or animal products…

After picking up this book by Greta Eagan, my life had changed. Through her powerful research and her own personal struggle, Greta put out a set of guidelines for any shopper to follow to aid in making those first steps in ethical purchasing.

Within the pages you’ll find an Integrity Index, that simplifies ways of identifying the ethics behind any garment with an easy AND personal rating system. You’ll learn how to integrate your values directly into your purchasing– all without sacrificing your personal style.




We live in a world quite different from that of our grandmother’s, where holding onto the same dress for more than a season is a thing of the past and the phrase make do and mend holds very little value.

And why should it, when cheap fashion has become the way American’s expect to dress. Stores such as H&M and Forever 21, present the newest trends at incredibly low prices–providing a disposable form of fashion where it is actually cheaper to buy something new than to hold onto what we currently own.

Overdressed lays out the true nature behind the cheap fashion phenomenon and what it is actually costing us. The answers within reveal what is happening behind the scenes where they don’t want you to see and most importantly, what this means for us, our society and our environment.


eco chick

The Eco-Chick: Guide to Life

Wading through the serious mucky mess we’ve found ourselves in is a daunting task for even the most savvy of eco-mavens. The Eco-Chick Guide to Life, is an unpretentious guide to amp up your eco-smarts while still remaining stylish and trendsetting. It’s clear that author, Starre Vartan, understands the important steps of transitioning to a greener lifestyle– leaving nothing uncovered from fashion and makeup, to cleaning and pets. Vartan breaks it all down making it accessible and even fun, with her easy to follow “Chickie Tips” and sassy tone.

You don’t have to sacrifice to go green—you can eat, dress, and live guilt free, all while walking tall in your fiercest pair of heels.




not just a pretty face

Not Just A Pretty Face

It has been over 30 years since the US banned lead from our household paints–yet we still find it in embedded in our lipsticks, carcinogens in our baby soaps, mercury in our mascara and formaldehyde in our shampoos. With no one questioning the ever powerful cosmetic industry, they have gone unregulated for far too long. Not Just A Pretty Face is the journey of a group of health and environmental activists banging down the doors of the industries leading companies, revealing the most toxic secrets lurking just underneath the surface.

Not Just A Pretty Face exposes us to the dirty facts of what we are putting in and on our bodies, uncovering the most toxic and dangerous chemicals to avoid. While many of the products we used to trust still line the bright mirrored aisle’s of Ulta and Sephora, many entrepreneurs are fighting for a safer, non toxic future–a much needed facelift for the world of health and beauty.

style, naturally

Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty

Where style and substance collide, this books digs into an eco-philosophy with the most gorgeous illustrations and design in the realm of fashion and beauty. As a fashion model and eco advocate, Summer Rayne Oakes, shares her knowledge on the basics of ethical shopping, as well as insights into her favorite designers of the Stella McCartney and Safia Minney fame. She captures brands such as Levi’s, Loomstate and Aveda in their most eco-friendly moments…with pages of chic photography, eco-style stories and resources for the trendsetting fashionista’s eye.

It’s a vibrant, inspirational bible for the stylist within us all, seeking more from our clothing than meets the eye.