Clothing swap, alterations, and fashion show!

May 18th from 9AM to 6PM at the St. Paul Union Depot, 214 E 4th St., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101

Alter/Nation is an all-day clothing swap brought to you by CounterCouture and Sol Inspirations. For only $5, attendees may bring up to 20 garments that can be exchanged for the same number of items on racks and tables at Alter/Nation. Additionally, guests will be able to bring in two garments for free alterations.

Clothing requirements
Participants can bring up to 20 garments. We don’t allow undergarments, socks, lingerie or event clothing (i.e. 1990 State Fair sweatshirt). Clothing brought to the swap must be in good condition, clean and free form stains and defects.

Hemming only. Up to two garments per person.

Event end giveaway
15 minutes prior to the end of the event, all participants will be able to take an unlimited number of items. Leftover clothing will be donated by MN Goes Green to give back to Goodwill.

Fashion Show
Between 1PM to 3PM, local designers will have fashion forward sustainably garments on live models. Designers will be on hand to answer questions about their inspirations and what makes their designs eco friendly. Second Debut Renewed Fashions will also have looks from their store in the show.
DESIGNERS are Natalia Prigozhina, Jenny Carle, Deborah Block, Crystal Compton, and Carissa Prieve.
From 9AM to 6PM, The University of Minnesota will have sustainable student designs on display.

Why Alter/Nation is green:
Recycling clothes is a great way to reduce garment industry pollution as it reduces the amount of clothing being made. Also, the end of a garment’s life is fast becoming a landfill problem. Even clothing recyclers like Goodwill are having difficulties finding what to do with unwanted clothing. Much of their clothing that doesn’t get sold to stores ends up in third-world countries. However, due to inexpensive foreign clothing, third-world consumers are becoming discerning leaving no other option but to put clothing in landfills.

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