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In celebration of Election Week I thought I would profile one of the most essential retailers in Minneapolis. Allison Bross White is one my favorite people, and incidentally she owns one of my favorite stores with her husband – B. Resale! Recently Allison quit her job in the corporate world to begin spending her days at the shop, so that her passion project would finally be her only project. Located at 5456 Nicollet Avenue, b. resale has so many wonderful facets. b. allows Allison the opportunity to run a business centered on ethics that incorporates her love of fashion. It was very important to her that b. was a place where people could come to find great pieces to add to their wardrobes (clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc) without spending tons of cash, while also cutting mass produced products out of their lives. Allison wanted to “…fill a void in Minneapolis in terms of places people can shop for street wear while listening to great music.” The fact of the matter is, Mrs. Bross-White is a retail maven, who loves hip-hop, has a passion for politics, and a slight social media addiction (to sum it up, I love her.)


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Allison has a formal education in Fashion Design from the University of Minnesota,  Merchandise Marketing from FIDM, a Business Administration Management degree from Augsburg and a masters of street style from the pavement of South Minneapolis. With all of this knowledge Allison is more than qualified to give you an opinion of how something looks while you try on duds at the shop.



Casey V Photography


But enough about those cuties, let’s talk shop.


b. resale has a really chill vibe that allows for a pressure free shopping experience, their motto is ‘Feel Good Fashion.’ There are so many reasons to feel good about shopping at b., it’s a locally owned small business that keeps garments in circulation instead of in the landfills by reselling clothing. They support independent musicians by playing their jams as you shop and via social media channels. The idea that what you’re buying has a positive impact on your community instead of a negative impact on the world is one amazing thing. Along with a great selection of gently used wears you can find a surprising assortment of brilliant local designs.

These hats are Vintage City Classics, and this image comes from b.’s very active instagram account, Allison is post-crazy as products come in the door. There is always something new to look at.

Allison is dedicated to local fashion and jewelry designers, she loves using her platform at b. to showcase people from the community whose designs she loves. She has housed Counter Couture, and Two Birds Vintage. She currently she has several local lines of jewelry, a line of up-cycled goods called Seams Vintage, as well as a world of other treasures. Allison makes a habit of hosting in-store parties highlighting designers, new products and emphasizing the relationship between designer and client. b. sure to check out her next big event – Black Friday!


B boy DJ So Gold Model some styles at b.

Object and Subjects Earrings



Get to b. resale, visit Allison, and get awesome stuff like this. This awesome t-shirt is our sign off. Cheers!



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