Black Crow Collection

I went to Full Fashion Panic show full of anticipation for Block’s first full collection which was called the “Black Crow Collection”, and after an eye full of bows and Hello Kitty, Block’s well-edited garments strutting down the runway were exactly I needed. Deborah Block’s collection looked impeccable on the runway, no offense to the other designers, but my first thought when Block’s collection started coming out was “Now here is a fashion show!” Her intentional styling choices made all the difference and really told an enticing narrative. Block really put thought into every single element of the show; everything fit together. I especially loved the blood and tearing detail in the makeup on some of the girls. Block’s boyfriend Brady Hill mixed a great energetic soundtrack that the models worked-it-out to!! The amount of passion, energy and fashion know-how was evident throughout the entire collection.

Styling the First Look
Photo Credit: Chloe Clarner

Block opened the collection with a posh voluminous black coat dress. The model really rocked the runway with a super strong face (great bone structure), which I was really looking forward to after mine and Deborah’s conversation about model selection. The collection stood out for many reason but my favorite thing about each and every look is that I know I could feel good about buying them because of their upcycled and eco-conscious nature. Block prides herself on her sourcing of materials and clever use of scraps.

The ‘Black Crow Collection’ will be in the retailer You and Me starting Oct. 4 (today!) until the end of the month! Get there quickly as fashion junkies such as myself will be in line to snatch up our favorite pieces from the show. I know I have my eye on something special, I will keep it secret as some lucky girl might actually beat me to the store! Take your mark, get set, go to “You and Me”!


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