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In December of 2011, Jessica Bloom of St. Michael, Minnesota started Carrie’s Closet, a non-profit organization which takes donations of clothing, shoes, purses, etc. and gives them to adolescents in need. The namesake for this wonderful organization is one of Jessica’s dearest friends, Carrie Ann Lorman, a 22 year-old Rogers, Minnesota native who tragically passed away in a car accident on December 9th, 2009. Jessica beautifully illustrates Carrie as a “very giving soul [who] was the first one to help someone no matter what they needed. Carrie’s clothes were everyone’s clothes because she was so quick and happy to take something of hers and give it to someone who needed it.”


'Free Clothes' // Scattered Photos of Carrie

‘Free Clothes’ // Scattered Photos of Carrie

Jessica Bloom's family and friends helping to organize the space Friday evening.

Jessica Bloom’s family and friends helping to organize the space Friday evening.

Very Organized.

Very Organized.



With this impression of her widely adored friend eternally tattooed on her heart, Jessica describes the catalyst for the foundation of Carrie’s Closet: “… my father, a high school teacher, called me and asked what size shoe I wore, and I asked him why. He told me he had a 9th grade female student who was wearing shoes to school that were too big for her and had holes in them in the middle of December in Minnesota.” Inspired by this story of her father’s student, Jessica called her friends to see if they had any pairs of shoes they were willing to give to the 9th grade girl, and the overwhelming flood of offers to help gave Jessica an idea. She held her first clothing drive on the second anniversary of Carrie’s passing – December 9th, 2011 and collected thousands of clothing items. With such an incredible turn-out, Jessica decided to start a non-profit organization to continue to help adolescents in need and to also honor her beloved friend, Carrie Ann Lorman. Jessica not only credits her love of Carrie and giving to those in need as her driving force behind this ever-expanding organization, but also her friends and family, who without their help and support, none of this would be possible.

There is an event this Saturday, where the collected items will be available free of charge to families that experiencing tough times – January 26, at the Zimmerman Civic Building in Zimmerman, Minnesota from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you are unable to attend this event but are interested in attending a future Carrie’s Closet <ahref=””>event and donating clothes, and/or making a monetary donation to fund the purchasing of clothes storage, hangers, racks and advertising, please contact Jessica Bloom at 763-688-0386, or e-mail her at .

Carrie's Closet Logo

Carrie’s Closet Logo


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Note From KP:


This project is so touching and I can not believe how genuine these people were. I arrived at the event late on Friday evening to see Jessica’s family straightening up the tables and condensing the minimized yet still abundant selection of clothing. Jessica has taken a tragedy and created a silver lining, I have so much respect for her and Carrie’s Closet.

On the Author:

Emily, the author of the blog, is one of my dearest friends from High School and she guest wrote this for Sol Inspirations because the people behind this organization and the community that surrounds it are all close to her heart. After seeing her post about the event on Facebook I knew no one could tell the story like she could (her being a real college educated writer and all). Check out her twitter if you love her as much as I do.




-Emily in her Carrie’s Closet T-Shirt-






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