D.I.Y. T-shirt Hack

Do you have too many unused t-shirts in your possession?

Do you wish some of them were a different cut than just a typical… t-shirt?

This D.I.Y. t-shirt hack will show you how in just two steps you can transform a t-shirt into a top with attitude.

You will need:

~ one loose fitting t-shirt
~ fabric scissors


Step 1:

Cut the neck out.

*Notice how I cut closer to one should than the other. Do this for an asymmetrical, off the shoulder look.


Step 2:

Cut the hem off of the bottom.


And voila! You have a cute and comfy version of your t-shirt!


Some perks of this simple t-shirt hack:

~ the new tee is great for exercising

~ the scoop neck makes this fun to layer with a tank top

this style of cut is cooler to wear in hot weather than a regular t-shirt

it makes an unused tee fun and desirable again

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