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Whisking down the summer streets of Minneapolis, it’s no secret the city has an unspoken determination to put Minnesota on the biking world map. In a recent listing by Copenhagenize Design Co. out of Denmark, Minneapolis pulls in as the only US city to make the cut in the top 20 biking cities worldwide. As our hearts burst with Midwestern pride, our streets are filled with spandex, leaving many individuals to feel left out of the cycling club. For those who still wish to cycle but hardly envision a Tour De France outfit hanging in the closet, the Twin Cities salutes your choice of style + sustainability.

Inspiration is abound with so many lady bikers taking to the streets in anything and everything from boots to blazers, sneakers to skirts. Early morning rides to the local farmer’s market take a daring turn when safety and function take a back burner to style. With a mission to get more people outside, Lara Neece of Forest and Fin, is campaigning to create a functional bicycle wrap skirt to take from the street to the office.


photo credits: Fin and Forest


With her kickstarter fully funded with only 4 days left to go, the Bicycle Wrap Skirt is making her way to the production line, as a fully sustainable, USA made brand.

“It’s designed to be versatile, functional, and durable – to get a woman through a whole day regardless of her transportation or activity. Unlike other bike skirts that are made of polyester or spandex, the Bicycle Wrap Skirt is made with soft sustainable materials right here in the USA.”

Keep track of Lara’s sustainable production progress or nab a skirt of your own through her campaign before it ends!


As you gear up, here are some MPLS musts to ensure the proper cycling summer:

Join a group ride and see a part of the city you have yet to discover with the Ride Calendar.

Make safety your priority with the perfect helmet from Bike Pretty, as well as tips and tricks to riding in any type of skirt.

See how Europe styles the streets with Cycle Chic, a “lycra and granola free approach to cycling”

Take your ride style to the next level with a new blog to follow through Chic Cycling Blogs

And start planning your fall ensemble for the annual autumn Tweed Ride


See you on the Greenway!


photo credits: Fin and Forest


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