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Posted by: Katherine Price

Amanda Wilde and Jenny Carle

On Friday August 12 Design Vertigo hosted its very first fashion show during the weekly History Cruzer Car Show on 7th Street in North St. Paul. Outside the storefront a makeshift runway had been created on the sidewalk using an assortment of retro looking chairs. Scattered around were reused paint buckets potted with fresh grass. Walking in we were welcomed by the smell of popcorn and an eye full of everything adorable. The interior was working a chic color scheme and the refurnished wall hangings were a perfect execution of upcycled decor. In the back of the store a help-yourself table was offering pink lemonade and popcorn in brown paper cones. Wilde has created the perfect environment for blissful shopping; Plenty of space for browsing, an assortment of white washed mirrors in the dressing room for easy viewing, and they have avoided the boutique curse of clutter.

Around 7:15 Amanda Wilde (owner of Design Vertigo) kicked things off by introducing the show, and featured fashion designer Jenny Carle. The collaboration of these two women seems very natural and is right on track with what is happening in the design world. Green is gaining momentum and these two ladies are ahead of the curve. Carle’s collection was available at Design Vertigo the whole month of August. Each month Wilde features a local artist in the store, hopefully there will be more fashion designers and fabulous sidewalk runway shows in the future. I had the opportunity to shop a bit and I am now the proud owner of a Jenny Carle original skirt, very excited to debut it!
Carle was born and raised here in Minnesota, more specifically St. Paul where she attended Johnson High School. When asked about her environmentally friendly attitude Carle explained that her upbringing involved being aware of consumption issues and always recycling. Working in the service industry has only added to her intolerance for disposable products. When Carle chose a career in fashion, it was a natural decision for her to be an eco-conscious designer, being from a family that valued recycling and a “green” lifestyle it is part of her passion. If ever Carle finds her self in a position of power she would make it illegal not to recycle (She has got my vote!). Making each design as green as possible has a lot to do with Carle’s client, budget and materials. Carle sources most of her textiles from Value Thrift and Treadle Yard Goods. Not using patterns is another way she saves time and resources; that means that most of her pieces are one of a kind.

Carle’s collection shown at the Design Vertigo show was very vintage inspired, flattering silhouettes, featuring muted colors and classic prints. One of my favorite touches was the floral hair pieces and fun props that Carle added to the show, shown below one of the models even carried her Wiener dog with her on the runway!


Photo Credit: Alisa Tuquilar


Carle created this beautiful denim dress out of a piece of found fabric that was purchased from a second-hand retailer. Also the belt buckle in this look was upcycled.


Photo Credit: Chloe Clarner

Photo Credit: Blu Dot Photography


This printed fabric was also purchased at a thrift store and afterwards Carle dyed the textile with coffee (How To) to get the off-white color she aspired for.

Photo Credit: Alisa Tuquilar


This above the knee, comfy-cas dress was also made from a fabric that was purchased at a second-hand retailer. Carle’s favorites are Treadle Yard Goods and Valu-Thirft.
During the introduction of the show, Amanda Wilde said something that spoke to the marketing side of my brain along the lines of “Carle’s Collection is one that speaks to the Design Vertigo Woman.” So naturally I became curious as to who that woman was. Wilde herself had a perfectly detailed answer to the question, “ The Design Vertigo woman is a young professional or a busy mom that wants affordability without compromising on style and ethics. They want to buy local and green and they don’t want to look like or have an environment like everyone else on the block. The boutique and the design studio offer a lifestyle of individuality, style, and sustainability.”

Photo Credit: Chloe Glarner

Upcycled Silver Braclet

When dialoging with Amanda Wilde she also described her decision to be an “eco” interior-designer as being second nature. Wilde spends her days in the studio that is attached to her boutique, dreaming up interior design solutions to fit her customer’s needs with a knack for green alternatives to the norm. Both Wilde and Carle are St. Paul girls and both are at the beginning of very promising careers. Very happy to have met both of these lovely ladies and I am very inspired to see other young women using their skills to further the agenda of environmental causes. I encourage you to keep up with these two blooming careers and at Sol Inspirations we will do our best to keep plugging their amazing efforts.


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