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Blog Intern Sierra Black & Event Producer Chloe Glarner at LUSH 50th & France

Blog Intern Sierra Black & Event Producer Chloe Glarner at LUSH 50th & France

LUSH is an international cosmetics company, they invent things that you didn’t even know you needed.
Every single product is made by hand, using fresh, organic ingredients and when needed, safe synthetics. By using essential oils, fruits and vegetables LUSH has created a unique line of cosmetics that work like a dream. On the back of their packaging a sticker tells you which amazing employee made the product, as well as the date when it was made and when it expires (most products have a 14 month shelf life). LUSH’s goal is to be completely transparent to their customers, and the companies they work with.

LUSH's Bath Bombs

LUSH’s Bath Bombs

LUSH'S Made By - Sticker

LUSH’S Made By – Sticker

Hair Care

Hair Care

In the past 6 years, LUSH has given 2.7 million dollars to the 90 grassroots charities they sponsor all over
the world. LUSH actively fights against animal testing, using all human volunteers to test their products and going as far as having their suppliers sign contracts saying they will not involve themselves with animal testing or any company that does.

LUSH'S Charity Pots

LUSH’S Charity Pots

LUSH, above all, is a fun company. When you walk into the store you might notice that most of the products are unpackaged, people are encouraged to touch and play. Sales associates offer complimentary hand, foot and face treatments so you can try the products before purchasing.

Sierra Talking with the LUSH Manager

Sierra Talking with a LUSH Store Manager

Fresh Mask Bar

Fresh Mask Bar

Fresh Face Mask Bar

Fresh Face Mask Bar

All in all LUSH is a company you can feel good about spending your cash at. After working at the 50th and France location for this past holiday season, I’m a total LUSH addict. I have super sensitive, combination skin and have never found any product that can do it all for me. Now, I will never wash my face, hair or body with anything else! This stuff really works and I’m happy to say that my money is going to a company that encompasses my values as well. ‘

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