New Sol Inspirations Vice President and Intern Positions

Sol Inspirations recently created a Vice President role and filled that position with former Board Director, Nikki Rae. Nikki will help run Sol Inspirations and will also be listed as board member with Alex Detrick under Sol inspirations’ parent company, Global Eco Organization (GEO). GEO is the official 501(c)(3) entity registered with the IRS.

In addition, Sol Inspirations has hired Ashleyn Przedwiecki as a part time intern to assist with Social Media and membership activities.



Nikki Rae
Vice President

Nikki Rae is a Minnesota native with a love for travel, culture and fashion. She studied Fashion Photography at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Sippy Downs, Australia and holds degrees in Photography and Mass Media from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Her love of sustainable fashion was fully realized while living abroad and interacting with sustainable design scholars at USC. During this experience, she was able to take part in the production of hand made goods from the local indigenous people and became inspired to make a difference in the wasteful nature of a consumer driven world.
Nikki has always been particularly drawn to fashion as a medium, writing for an Australian based web magazine and specializing in fashion and lifestyle photography in college. She currently is the co-owner of the lifestyle brand The Evolving Social. She believes in fostering a new generation of informed but fashionable designs, designers and consumers of fashion.


Ashleyn Przedwiecki Intern

Ashleyn Przedwiecki

As small town Midwestern girl, Ashleyn Przedwiecki has been building, imagining, and creating with fabric since the days of her barn yard studio. With an appetite for storytelling, she recently received her BS from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in Interpersonal Communication Studies and Theater Arts Costume Design. Her studies took her across the sea to Bournemouth, England where she dug deeper into garment construction and the social impact clothing has on women’s roles throughout history.

Her passions collide with interest in environmental awareness and global issues, led her in the direction of fair fashion. In 2004, Ashleyn began her passionate journey in sustainability after a trip to Costa Rica. There she worked side by side with local artistans and teachers, sparking her curiosity and drive in creating a more sustainable, fair future. She is currently working in non-profit development with an interest in textile waste reduction and ethical sourcing in the apparel and textile industry.

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