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Posted By: Katherine Price

Last week Sol Inspirations participated in the third annual High Heel Dash Fundraiser, hosted by the Aegis Foundation (an organization that raises money for different charities). Sol Inspirations was founded partially because of the work that our President wanted to do in Haiti, so helping less fortunate communities is core to our mission.

Our good friend and the fashion stylist of our inaugural show Ms. Hollie Mae Schultz is the founder of her very own charity organization as well, Project Healthy Smile. Project Healthy Smile is a non-profit that distributes oral hygiene products to impoverished areas. The sustainable aspect of these plans is my favorite part. Some organizations go in and help one time, which is still great, but Schultz makes sure that these people get to enjoy a healthy and clean mouth for more than six months. Instead, the supplies are renewed twice a year. Project Healthy Smile was the benefactor for this year’s High Heel Dash so we wanted to be involved and show our support.


Jay Nelson, Anita Jensen and Hailey Hailey

Team Sol Inspirations is comprised of: Jay and Anita are the owners of Uptown’s own Design Collective, me (Katherine) and my cousin Hailey! Our team ran in four separate initial heats. Jay Nelson made the team proud with his great form but unfortunately didn’t make it past the first round. Anita Jensen ran so hard that she broke both straps on her heels, they went flying in front of her on the run. (An unfortunate casualty, for a good cause!) The youngest member of the Sol team was Hailey Hadtrath and she had some super-fierce competition in her heat. We cheered her on to come in third in her heat. Then it was my turn and I actually won my heat, no one was more surprised than I was. I actually scanned right to left twice right before crossing the finish line, did I actually just win? So it was all up to me in the final race. I was determined to win it all in the name of Sol Inspirations. I paid a little bit too much attention to making sure everyone’s feet were behind the line and the starting shot startled me. The pack was off and I was trying my hardest to find a way through the crowd when I started to feel myself fall. At first the momentum was sending me face first into the pavement, somehow I swung my hips around because falling on my hands and face was not an option in front of this large crowd so I slid – baseball style onto my butt until I was stationary on the road. My many years of hockey and soccer have made me a proficient faller and I have never been more grateful for that skill than I was on that day because I found myself laughing instead of with tears and bloody wrists.


The boys er, I mean mens heat.



Epic Fall


All in all it was a great event, we had some laughs and no one got hurt. We were glad to be a part of something outside of our mission that is also doing good things for those less fortunate. Much thanks to Styles for Smiles for their work and all of the other brands that were involved. It is fun events like this that get people informed and involved. Cheers!


Team Sol Inspirations – Check out our sweet tee-shirts!

Team Sol Inspirations – Check out our sweet tee-shirts!


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