Rachel Roff of deLange designs

Photo of Rachel Roff styling Tearra for the deLang Spring 2011 lookbook.
Photo by Tory Roff

Interview & blog by: Katherine Price

Rachel Roff is an artist, not self proclaimed but my research has convinced me, in the most traditional sense of the word (and also according to google: A person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker). Roff is very creative. While in school studying Media Production and Marketing, fashion design was just one of the many different ways she expressed her talents and passions.  In 2008 Roff got an inch to plan a show, “I looked for a fashion show to plug into, but everything fell through,” she said. “So I decided to make it happen on my own.”

She produce the show and it was a success for Roff other designers as well.

Now married, her brand is in honor of her maiden name – deLange. The line is ready to wear and available at Roff’s website, which features a bridal page with information about her custom gown services.

Roff upcycled her mom’s wedding dress (left) with supplemental fabric from the former wedding dress of one of my bridesmaids and the back lace detail from a vintage nightgown to create her very own wedding gown (right).

Mrs. Roff is lovable for many reasons but one of the most notable is that her environmental design process isn’t a thing of trend, it was present from the start of this fashion passion. She started sewing in 8th grade, after finding treasures at thrift stores she would alter them to fit her figure and from there she developed the skills to create whole unique garments. She describes herself as “visually driven” person who focuses her attention to the details in vintage fabrics finding ways to combine pieces. deLange is about creating new and a bit edgier garments than the fabric’s earlier shape. Lace is a favorite of Roff’s because she says it has a rich history and texture.

When asked about her connection to Minneapolis, Roff talks enthusiastically about collaboration. Recently Roff and Danielle Everine (Project Runway Alumni) worked on a garment for OSO’s EP Release Party. Of course these two forward thinking women upcycled some vintage fur with lace and accentuated Tearra’s (also known as OSO) natural beauty and style. For now I don’t think we have to worry about Roff straying very far from our fabulous Minneapolis scene, but you never know so head over to her website now and take advantage of the local talent. Ethical fashion isn’t just about organic cotton and bamboo underwear, it is about proximity and with designers like Rachel Roff who create lines like deLange we don’t need to look very far for forward thinking garments.

Now I will let Roff’s designs speak for themselves.

Another deLange designs classic – a sweet yet eye-catching hooded vest with mustard yellow trim.
Model: Jennifer Booth
MUA: Kate Moran
Photographer: Tory Roff

Follow Rachel Roff on Twitter at @delangedesigns


A dress from the deLange spring 2011 collection. New material and recycled lace.
Photographer: Andrew Thomas Evans
Model: Tearra
Designer & Stylist: Rachel Roff of deLange Designs
Hair & MUA: Amber Rose


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