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Tonight the University of Minnesota opens it’s Redefining Redesigning Fashion Exhibition in the McNeal Gallery of the Goldstein Museum. It says a lot about the attitude we are cultivating in the Twin Cities, that this conscious fashion gallery is manifesting here, at our Big Ten university! It is all very exciting and Sol Inspirations is so excited to attend the gallery opening tonight between 6 – 8pm.

The exhibit will run between now and May 26th, so you have some time in case you want to go a few times! The call for entries recieved over 200 responses, shows how many people are working towards a more sustainable fashion industry. It is amazing to think how little time it took for people to start evolving this industry towards greener pastures, in comparison to other industries that have realized their impact for decades.

Diana Vreeland said, “The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.” Elegant minds realize that in order to feel fully beautiful in your skin (and garments) there can’t be any repercussions, clothes must add loveliness not take it away. There are so many stories in the news about toxic clothes, pollution from dyes, anorexia and self-esteem issues, fast fashion waste, but the Redefining Redesigning Fashion exhibit is a chance to celebrate designers, artists that are taking a step in the right direction. Even one of our long time favorite’s East Fourth Street will be featured!

We are going to give you a sneak peak of what the gallery has in store for you, from up-cycling, to to wearable art this mezzanine to responsible fashion has everything you want it to. Here is a taste:


“Romper” by Anna Sviben, Senior Apparel Design Student, University of Minnesota

“Romper” by Anna Sviben, Senior Apparel Design Student, University of Minnesota

From thrift store dress to updated romper, this design represents upcycling: the process of adding value to products redesigned for better quality. A quote from the designer, “Because I used unwanted textiles and notions that I already had, my design process had very minimal impact on the environment.”


“Eco-Pop Dress” by Anny Li-Fen Chang

“Eco-Pop Dress” by Anny Li-Fen Chang, University of North Texas, Faculty Member


“Eco-Pop Dress” by Anny Li-Fen Chang, University of North Texas, Faculty Member

The purpose of Eco-Pop was to promote environmental awareness by creating a modern wearable dress using recyclables. The dress is constructed primarily of 2,500 can tabs resembling sequins on apparel. The surface pattern was inspired by Vasily Kandinsky’s 1926 painting, “Several Circles”.


Remember this will only be on display until May 26th, a limited amount of time to see the amazing local designers, the brilliant designers from other countries. All of the designers in the showcase have picked up the cause of redefining and beautifully redesigning the fashion scene, the scene that people have so complacently accepted as it is. We at Sol Inspirations are so excited to see this exhibit in our city, we urge everyone to go check it out. Learn about the impact that the beauty and apparel industry are having on the planet, then feast your eyes on what talented people are doing about it. See it, at least once.



Hope to see you there!

-KP, Sol Inspiration Associate Director



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