Styling It Up, Sustainably of course

Here at Sol Inspirations we are focused on building up more responsible choices in fashion in Minneapolis and beyond. Now more than ever, we are ready to take that to all aspects of what we do. Teaming up with Social Sotan, a Minneasota based event company, we are marking Innovations 14 our first ever fully  zero waste event.

Zero waste c640

From audience snacks and sips down to hairspray and cotton balls, Sol Inspirations is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint– all without impacting the glamour and brilliance expected from your typical runway show. Zero waste is more than simply placing items in the correct trash and recycling bins, it is about lifestyle and social changes used to minimize and eliminate wasteful practices within our events and life. Not only are we asking our designers to creatively piece together garments that use all parts of the resources, making them zero waste in nature. We are pulling our judges, models, stylists, make up artists, and audience members to follow suit, making all aspects of the event waste free and fully sustainable.

Innovations 2014 is proving to be more than inventive for our participating student designers but for all involved both on the run way and off. Join us in kicking off the future of sustainability for fashion in Minneapolis, as we paint the town November 15th. And don’t worry, the paint is chemical free.


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