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It is past due that we pay a tribute to our sister brand, one of the finest salons in the Twin Cities, Bespoke Hair Artisans – a beautiful, fresh, ethically and chemically conscious salon, whose owner is also an extremely active member of the Sol Inspirations Executive Board. Lisa Williams has been a blessing to our community. Her guidance and generosity have been integral to the growth of Sol Inspirations. Sol has been lucky enough to have several of our events hosted by Lisa in the salon space: Two Fashion Network Happy Hours and our last fashion show – Eco-Inspirations. The past year has really allowed for this partnership to blossom and we are so excited to see what manifests in 2013, so stay tuned for that but for now I am going to tell you my Bespoke story…

I have had my hair done at Bespoke and the experience was so wonderful that a while ago I decided that it was high time for my very first facial. Beauty procedures can be a bit intimidating the first time you have them done; I will always remember the first time I got… anything waxed. Naturally, I was a bit anxious for my first facial.  Not nervous, but just a bit giddy with anticipation. I wasn’t aware of what a facial truly entailed. After my blissful past experiences with Bespoke I entrusted them with my face.

Located in the 50th and France neighborhood of Edina, a quick ten minute drive from downtown with convenient parking in a ramp across the street, Bespoke is highly accessible and friendly to all mobility, with ramps and a very spacious environment. When I arrived, I was promptly greeted by Lisa and my Esthetician Hannah and offered a beverage, “Tea or water?” Then I was whisked to the back of the salon, into a private room with low lighting and a pleasing aroma. Playing on speakers around the room was a serene playlist that I honestly can’t describe any further because I was so deeply relaxed. Hannah explained that I should take my tops off, lay on my back under neath the covers and relax while I wait for her to return. When she came back she offered a pillow for underneath my knees and then got to work on my face. Hannah offered to explain or to let me ‘zonk’ out for the hour, I opted for the ladder and enjoyed every minute of it. My face has never felt so many different textures, temperatures, and has definitely never felt so attended to. Somewhere in the middle of the hour she rubbed my neck, shoulder, arms and around my collar bones. From the scents, to the sounds, to the touches and textures this experiences left me extremely languid and with a new appreciation for spa services. Every woman deserves to feel completely relaxed to the point of drooling in front of your esthetician. (Only kidding I really hope I didn’t drool!)

Hannah was kind enough to email me afterwards about what products she used on my face and what the facial process actually does for your skin. Two different brands that Bespoke carries were represented during my facial:

SANITAS:  “Based out of Boulder, Colorado. The estheticians from Bespoke went to their headquarters in CO this October for skincare training. Really cool company. Their products are biogenic (This means they use high concentrations of active ingredients recognized and readily utilized by the body.These are ingredients that already exist in the body, so your body can use them without toxicity or allergenicity.)  Their products are also paraben free and preservative free.”
HK Bespoke Esthetician
INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS: USDA Organic. Food grade ingredients. Pesticide free. Use of plant stem cells.
For the facial, Hannah used two masks. The first was a Papaya Enzyme mask from Sanitas. This mask softens skin through enzymatic exfoliation and dissolves dead skin, sebum and dirt. It also helps even skin tone and texture.
The second mask was the Re-Vita-Lize Anti-Aging mask from Sanitas. The vitamins on this mask stimulate collagen production and new cell growth while improving skin circulation and skin damage. It contains a number of differernt vitamins that nourish, hydrate and soothe skin.

“I love using natural and organic products whenever possible. They are effective and gentle for all types of skin.”

HK Bespoke Esthetician




From Eco Inspirations - May 2012

From Eco Inspirations – May 2012


We can not express how lucky we are to have this establishment in our community and as a part of the Sol Inspirations family. Bespoke is not only a magnificent space but also an amazing group of people that can help you to look your best, while treating your whole body with the respect and nourishment that it deserves.


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