The Gumball Collective // Officially Open




The Gumball Collective has been open for about a month now and things are looking bright for this sweet NE shop. The last time I was in this space it had just been freshly painted and was empty, a blank canvas waiting to be filled with personality. Ann had given me a brief description of how the shop would be laid out and I am so impressed with how the vision was executed. There is beautiful art hanging all over the crisp walls and simple shelving units brimming with interesting articles.



As most creative souls can attest to it is hard to not hoard craft supplies, so Ann has started selling scraps of fabric as well as vintage fasteners that have come into her possession through out her years of crafting. From old patterns, to buttons, there are some really good quality things that you might want to add to your sewing station.



These candles in the shop are locally made and from responsible materials, burning candles in your home is a great way to create an ambiance but petroleum based candles pollute your home with harmful chemicals, Key Candles are a healthier alternative.




Annrocks Apparel rack boasts a great selection of t-shirt dresses.



Nostalgic Summer is a beautiful brand made locally using vintage tins and aluminum to create wearable pieces.


Soap Samples



This shot really shows how well all of the shop’s elements come together, the hats are made using upcycled textiles, there is salvaged wood and conscious candles all look so lovely mixed together on the shelves in this little shop.


The store front does a really nice job of grabbing the attention of the pedestrians!




Annrocks Apparel – Facebook

Woodshed Consulting – Facebook

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