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Post By: Katherine Price

Ethical fashion has been given endless definitions. At Sol Inspirations we believe that ethical fashion should have many facets, one of which is that it should be fashion forward, progressive in terms of design as well as inspiration.

The Minneapolis area is ripe with Latino culture. 9.2% of the population is some sort of Hispanic descent, with another 3% identifying as more than one race. Utku plans to resolve the disconnect between the South American presence and the Midwest sense of style.

Promo Image for Magico Mexico Fashion Show

Two of the women behind UTKU took me to drinks last Friday at Bar Abilene. Marian Sanchez & Diana Margot Flores are both from South America and moved to the Twin Cities because of their partners (I guess there is something to be said about the charm of a mid-west man 🙂 ). Marian is from Peru and Diana is from Mexico, Utku is about sharing their cultural pride through something as tangible as fashion. Getting to know these ladies was such a pleasure, both so full of passion for this project.

Last year Utku produced it’s first Twin Cities fashion show, “Southern Touch” featuring designers from Peru. September 28th marks the second show of the legacy, this time designers from Mexico will be showcasing their collections. The standards for this show were devised by the “Compra Moda Nacional” (National Fashion Buyer, or Mexico’s number one fashion platform) in alliance with the Consulate of Mexico.

About the Designers pulled from the Facebok event page:

“Directly from the most prestigious catwalks of MĂ©xico such as Mercedes Benz´s “MĂ©xico Fashion week,” “MĂ©xico Mágico” is proud to bring Minnesotan fashion lovers the delightful work of Carla Fernandez, Jose Maria Torre, Alexia Ulibarri, and Delia Gonzalez.”

What really makes this event something that Sol Inspirations can endorse is the focus on fair trade garments, local production and conscious sourcing but what really made us get behind these women is the fact that they are building a bridge between cultures. Fashion is the tool being used to connect different cultures and that is something special.

Mexico Magico is happening on the 28th and Sol Inspirations is incredibly excited to see the show and to learn about our neighbors. The Latino community is vibrant and has a lot to offer the Twin Cities.



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