Voltage 2013 // CounterCouture & DeLange Designs

Saturday June 8th – Sixteen designers (eight apparel and eight accessory) will be featured in Voltage: Fashion Amplified at First Avenue in Minneapolis and today I am going to gush about why Sol Inspiration is so excited about the show! Two of the featured design teams vividly represent Sol Inspiration’s mission, they are all at different levels of sustainability but are all committed to being the most responsible designers that they can be while remaining forward thinking in terms of style  – we could not be more proud to tell their stories.






One of our favorite examples of a fully sustainable fashion brand is Counter Couture, so we talked to Angie Arner about their journey.

“What makes our collection sustainable: all materials are upcycled (even zippers a lot of the time), some pieces are also naturally dyed using onion skins, everything is made by hand by local designer Allison Danzl, and then sold locally.” – AA

Angie has been passionate about this movement within the apparel industry for years now and has been a part of the Twin Cities scene in multiple fashions (excuse the pun) from designer/business owner, to PR person, to Event Production and even put on a large scale clothing swap called Alter/Nation so we asked her if she had any advice for up and comers and here is what she had to say:

“So you’ve figured out how to make a sustainable collection, great. What the biggest challenge is, is figuring out how to create a sustainable business model for your collection which includes production, sales and marketing. That is by far the most frustrating thing I’ve dealt with in the last 4 years. Most advocates (not all) of eco-fashion tout the unique pieces being created but they give me bullshit advice as to how to grow it into a thriving business. I haven’t figured it out yet, some have. But THAT is your challenge. The idea of eco-fashion is now (slowly) being sold in – now the product has to be.” – AA

Here are some teaser images & posts that might give you a hint about what we will be seeing on Saturday at First Ave:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 3.13.23 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 3.13.35 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 3.16.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-03 at 3.16.44 PM
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Angie has partnered Danzl’s hand made garments with the tasteful, graphic accessory line Objects and Subjects for the show and we don’t think that a better match could have been made. Sol Inspirations definitely hopes to meet up with the creator of this edgy line of jewelry made from scrap metal, her name is Jeri Mack and it’s available at b. resale‘s new location now!
                                                       Picture 10 Picture 11
Rachel Roff of deLange designs is also being showcased this Saturday and was excited to talk to me about her collection and the progress of her brand.

“Because I’m a small handmade design brand, basic upcycling comes naturally to me – I can’t resist a vintage lace. My husband is always telling me that I can’t add lace to every design (he has a point, but I think that maybe I can!). For my Voltage spring collection, I’m using a heavy lace from vintage valences I found at a the kind of thrift store that sweet old ladies donate their awesome stuff to – it’s my best find so far and I love the richness it brings in texture and history to my dresses. I’m also incorporating recycled fabric buttons and zippers and I cut up a yellow chartreuse maxi dress I found at the thrift store because I couldn’t find the color pop I wanted in fabric stores. 

I am still exploring how to make the jump from recycled accents to a completely sustainable collection. I think it’s important to make small steps on my way there and it’s really helpful to see others doing it, like Counter Couture.” -RR
I have experienced Rachel’s collections both on my body and on the runway and I am stoked to see this collection in all it’s laced glory, especially after seeing this teaser shot from her upcoming look book. Matching Rachel’s garment design with the jewelry of Larissa Loden was a genius collaboration that can start to be understand in this photo but that everyone should be anticipating greatly this weekend. Again Loden’s pieces are made consciously, we’re under the impression that she uses reclaimed materials and SOL will do our best to write her brand up as soon as possible!
Photographer: Sara Kiesling // Connect – Facebook

MUA:  Tawneesh McGahee // Connect – Facebook

Model: Jennifer Booth

Accessories: Larissa Loden // Connect – Facebook

Garments: deLange designs // Facebook //


We always love seeing what Rachel is up to, speaking of seeing have you laid your eyes on her hubby in a recent blog post about a men’s line?



So if you are looking for some amazing fashion, fantastic music and great company this Saturday I suggest that you attend Voltage! See you there 🙂


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