Why We are Excited About Envision Artopia Fall 2012

Post By: Katherine Price


Sol Inspiration is so excited for Envision Artopia Fall 2012 at the Graves this Friday, two of our favorite up and coming designers are being featured. The first of which was in our show this last spring at Bespoke Hair Artisans. Her name is Khamphian Vang. If you were there you’ll definitely remember her collection, it was full of crispy white fabrics and very structured pieces. Vang has let me know that the inspiration for this fall’s collection is very 40s; very feminine, clean, and sophisticated. She loves to work in separates so the variety should be vast. I have also heard rumor of plaid, which excites me very much for fall!

Vang and I were discussing the new collection in an email exchange and I thought this jewel should be shared with our followers, “80% of the collection [for Envision] is vintage and recycled clothing and materials. Doing the Sol Inspirations Eco-Fashion Show has made me more conscious than before and I plan to recycle as much as I can with every collection I do.” We love to hear that we may have influenced her design ascetic and we are very excited to see what that looks like for fall 2012.

As for the second designer I mentioned Envision will also have the pleasure of showcasing deLange designs by a Mrs.Rachel Roff. Last Monday I had the pleasure of being invited to meet with Roff at her beautiful home in North Minneapolis. This was the first time we had met in person, she was exactly as I imagined, warm and inviting. Coincidentally those are two words I would also use to describe her new collection. Other words that describe the collection would be: youthful, surprising and fun, with just the right amount of maturity. Roff even offered to let me try some things on, for the sake of pictures of course. Sol Inspirations is very thankful and honored to be debuting two of the different looks from this collection.

Strapless Mini Dress from deLange’s collection from Envision Artopia Fall 2012

Roff used this fabric as the inspiration for the whole collection, it’s a beautiful petite print and heavy nature gave it enough character to be the inspiration for the whole collection.

Here is a close up, the detail is lovely and actually despite the fabric’s heaviness the dress feels very light and comfortable.

Close Up

Lace Dress from deLange’s Fall 2012 Envision Artopia collection

I love how simple but beautiful this is, the upcycled lace gives it an elegant twist. If you like what you see check out the show this Friday. You’ll see the whole collection as well as experience one of the biggest shows of the week.

Envision Artopia Event Details (Click Photo to Access Envision Home Page)

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