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Call for Student Designers


__________________________________________________________CALL FOR DESIGNERS –
Send & share this awesome opportunity with anyone that might be interested in participating!Also save the date for Oct. 27th because there are some exciting things on the horizon here at SOL.
__________________________________________________________Sol Inspirations is seeking apparel students (must be enrolled in school) for our 2nd Student Scholarship Contest.The contest will be held on Oct. 27 at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, near Dinkytown off of University. Scholarship prize will be announced at the end of September.To enter you must send us digital photos of past work, resume, and a personal essay on ‘Sustainable Fashion,’ what it means to you, where you think it’s going, trends, etc. Notice of acceptance is within one week of your submission. Please hurry to enter. We reserve the right to close entries at any time.You must provide model, hair and makeup. Model will be required to stand in a room for one hour as guests talk to you about your garment and inspiration. They will also be required to participate in day of photo shoots and a fashion show on the runway.Once you are accepted into the contest, you will be responsible for purchasing fabric at a second-hand retailer (Savers, Goodwill, garage sales, etc). The most important part is taking a photo of yourself with the purchased materials and the receipt for the materials so that we can be sure none of the fabrics came from a Joanne’s or retailers without environmental standards. GOTS certified fabric is also accepted. Gifted recycled fabric is also accepted with a letter from giftor stating that the fabric has ended its useful life and would otherwise be thrown away. Fasteners and accessories can be purchased new but we will provide you with a list of other options.GARMENT GUIDELINES
For this competition we would like you to create OUTERWEAR –
Whether that is a fall jacket or a winter coat; whatever kind of protective garment speaks to you using the materials you’ve found at thrift stores.



We look forward to reading your essays, also send digital examples of past work and your resume.

SOL team

Send all pieces of your application to
Ex. SUBJECT LINE: you name – applicant

Here is a link to the Facebook Post by Sol Inspirations.

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