Your Makeup Bag Needs a Makeover


beauty lies in truth

As the front woman and lusty voice behind musical pop duo Sleigh Bells, Allison Krauss is more than her wild performance might seem. Krauss and her business partner Jessica Assef, met on a moment of fate and what grew from a simple coffee meeting about organic skincare turned into a movement rocking the cosmetic industry.

Born only two weeks after their first meeting, Jess and Allison launched a website, Beauty Lies Truth to educate women on the harmful chemicals and unethical ingredients in most of our supermarket beauty products. While the ultimate goal is to better beauty regulations at the governmental level, the ladies know that true change starts with consumer pressure. As millennial women who care deeply about where our products are coming from, our beauty regimes are at the center of the new feminist movement. Beauty Lies Truth, provides these desired alternatives, DIY projects for at home products, as well as reviews and links to ethical beauty products—helping each woman discover her own needs, on her own journey.


In a recent interview with Bust Magazine, Allison and Jess share that moving into ethical beauty is all about following your needs as an individual. They simplify it by starting with looking at what you are using daily, what your needs are and prioritizing what makes you feel good. With the launching of Beauty Lies Truth, Jess and Allison are ready to make some noise and get their presence known within the cosmetic industry, yet the beginning starts with us.

Join the Movement & Rock your Truth.

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